At this point of time, with this letter, we wish to invite you to board a productive “life changing” experience for young emerging leaders, who will be pillars of a balanced international society. We invite you to offer opportunities to young people. Every euro/dollar counts toward this ambitious but very much needed goal.

We are a group of prominent –each one in their field and country- citizens and scholars, exposed to the effects and the results of broadening and strengthening the horizons and the wills of young people by educating them through interaction.

We have been living the experience of the International Institute for Political & Economic Studies for over 18 years.

We created the Kernels of Our Future program on the same prototype, but to address a younger crowd, 15-18 years old, that had no established stereotypes yet, and we have succeeded.

Through the over 2.000 Alumni over the years, you could actually see the effects of media and politics affect the attitude of the citizens and therefore the politics of each geographical region. Through the discussions these young scholars had over the three weeks program the alternate view was produced, and was eventually transferred to their environment and country.

We have been addicted to this miracle of seeing stereotypes shaken and brought down. Of worthy young people, who never had similar opportunities before, empowered to immerge in to, what is called and often misunderstood, “become better and change the world” adventure. All of us are volunteering our time, knowledge and motivation to create bridges in the troubled areas, and “bring light in dark corners”. There are hundreds of stories to tell. From the heart shaking dance of the Bosnian Herzegovinian students at the Country presentation in 1995 during the civil war to the Lebanese students stranded away from their country in July 2006 confronting the Israeli ambassador with dignity!

Greece, the spirit and the air of the country, has the history of doing that in ancient years, and can still do it under the current circumstances.

During these times of economic uncertainty, we think it is of the utmost importance to continue doing what we think is most important for our future. Motivate young people to develop their potential. Our long history, national & international, proves our credibility, effectiveness and reliability. Our scientific and professional diverse background and motivation for outcomes differs us from the hundreds of educational programs around the globe.

Your contribution will be, of course, properly acknowledged through our network and to the beneficiaries.

The options are vast. Besides becoming a member of our supporters, it could range from a scholarship on your name, or company, to being invited to become a member of the Board.

We will be happy to provide more information or even meet personally with your delegated representative.

Dr. Aliki Mitsakos, M.D., Ph.D.
President of the International Academic Board,
Co-founder TICLS