Save the dates: 16 July - 3 August 2018

Exceptional program at an exceptional location! The only summer camp for High School students that will bring out the Leader hiding inside!

What's exceptional about it?

Summer is around the corner, school will be over, and you are facing your options… Lazy days, formal classes again, an ordinary camp, or … a summer in Greece, with mates from other places of the world and simulations on the “carbon dioxide stock exchange” and the North Atlantic Council, Leadership workshops, walking in the old harbor of Chana, and swimming at  the Zorba syrtaki beach?

Young persons in High school is a perceptive group called to take serious decisions of a life time often overwhelmed by the enormity and complexity of the many challenges facing the world today. Acquiring insight and skills, for further education and employment prospects, are important concerns for the younger generation.

L.F.O.F. is an original innovative International Educational Program for High school students, 15-18 years old, based on the non-formal education methods, for a learning process to encourage exploration, discussion, and personal growth. L.F.O.F. can open windows for the future, developing knowledge, skills, vision and attitudes, associated with effective and socially responsible leadership.

The working language is English, as this is an international program, adding an additional concrete benefit.

The participants are awarded with a Certificate at the Graduation ceremony to attest the acquired knowledge and skills, which can be used as an additional university entrance qualification.

The outcome provides unparalleled foundations that can take them ahead in today’s global setting, equipping them with skills which can be more than useful in many contexts in their future. Informed and engaged youth can make a positive difference for themselves and in the world, it is the next generation of thought-leaders.

L.F.O.F. is hosted at the campus of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, on the island of Crete, a wonderful safe location in the Mediterranean, because it is necessary to also enjoy the summer in Greece.

Alumni Testimonies

  • It has been a great opportunity to make friends from all over the world and also a good chance to practice my speaking skills in English. I got to know the Greek traditions; culture and habits, as well as many of my new friends’ cultures. I also had the chance to learn from people of great knowledge and experience.
    Palma Mozes -Hungary
  • It was an amazing experience because of the people I met, the relations I built, the information I gained, and the fun we had together as a group. This program was an eye-opener.
    Noora Said - Palestine
  • I had a wonderful time. This opportunity allowed me to connect with other teenagers outside of my country. As a result, I now know more about EU countries, which I knew barely anything about beforehand. Also, the classes and parties were great ways to engage with the other students more easily.
    Alex Golden - USA
  • I am richer in knowledge, experience and ideas now. I had the time to learn many interesting things and listen to opinions that made me think in a different way.
    Akis Georgiou - Greece
  • I learned that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from or what color is your skin if there is friendship, respect and fun.
    Georgescu Florin - Romania
  • It was simply an amazing experience to be in an environment with people who are eager to be leaders, who try to do their best because they believe they can make a difference in the world. I loved meeting all these people and participate in lectures of topics that were discussed with teens in my age. I also liked the fact that these discussions went on during lunchtime and in the bedrooms.
    Kinga Kovas - Hungary
  • The topics that we’ve studied were taken from reality. We dealt with cultural problems of the EU and we saw how each of us with their different background faced it.
    Roupakia Nefeli - Greece
  • At the beginning I thought that it was a very serious program. Instead, leaders, organizers and teachers mixed serious things with funny things very well. This is why I enjoyed the program so much.
    Fabio Ciani -Italy
  • During this beautiful two weeks, I had the chance to learn more about the decision-making process of huge organizations, but the more important and more beautiful thing was that I could get to know people from really different cultures with diverse backgrounds during the informal discussions and parties. When I got to know the topics of the lectures I thought we would just come and sit in a classroom and take notes. The fact that we were involved in the discussion and we were able to share our opinion with the others was a really great experience.
    Laura Cseke - Hungary