We accept undergraduate and post-graduate students from all fields of study, interested in broadening their knowledge on issues that are important in today's world and wish to expand their professional capabilities.

All classes are in English and proficiency in English is therefore required.

Participants are selected on academic and leadership criteria. Students will be evaluated upon their university records, CV and motivational letter. Special consideration will be given on evidence of their leadership potential. Furthermore, proficiency in English language is considered to be essential for participating in the Academy.

As the Academy wants to promote pluralism and multiculturalism, participants from all nationalities and regions are welcome. As a matter of fact, we encourage participation from the broadest cultural background.

You can apply for ILA through our online registration platform, available at You will find all instructions needed there.

You are more than welcome to do so, since this program is based on a continuously updated curriculum to provide for the latest demands of professional skills

The absolute deadline is June 1st.
However, there are variations depending upon the need for Schengen visa or if you are applying for a scholarship, since these issues have to be dealt earlier.

When you submit your application, with the necessary documents, we will evaluate them and get back to you for the next step. Your Registration / Confirmation fee will secure your place and start the procedures for a visa, if needed.

In case you cannot submit the online application, you can print out the completed application and send it to us along with the other application material by fax or mail. If there are any problems regarding your application, please contact us


The evaluation is implemented by a committee and is based on the documentation of the application. Upon acceptance of the participant, an email will be sent with further instructions. An invitation for an interview session with a member of the committee might follow, by Skype or Messenger.

At the end of the program, all participants who have had promptly attended the courses will receive an Attendance Certificate. A European Union Diploma Supplement  (EU/DS)*, on course content, contact hours and grades/credit earned, will be awarded after grading the final exam.

Additionally, participants will receive the Chania Med Forum Attendance Certificate, upon prompt attendance.

*The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is a tool for converting European university courses into U.S. credits. One ECTS credit corresponds to 25-30 hours of work (inside and outside the classroom).

As noted in the description, the program is interdisciplinary. The professors are therefore selected from various fields complementing the goal for plurality and personal development. Please read their C.V.s in the relevant section.

Yes. Educational material will be available on our website in due time before the beginning of the program, and all participants will be advised to study the material before the program. More material will be provided on site according the curriculum needs.

Yes. You are required to attend every class and activity, including academic lectures, discussions and briefings associated to the program. You must complete all class assignments, actively participate in class, and always be on time and respectful to your lecturers and fellow participants.

The schedule is quite tight, demanding, and challenging. The educational program combined with the social activities in the region will leave little time for sleep!!


The total cost is 3.200 euros and covers all on site expenses for the duration of the program.

You need only to arrange for your travel and whatever pocket money you might need.

For financial assistance and further opportunities, please read the relevant section below..

It covers tuition fees, accommodation costs, a meal plan for 3 meals a day, program material, field trips related to the program, and practically all activities for the whole duration. It does not cover personal expenses and optional / social activities not included in the schedule. And, it does not cover travel to and from the location of the program.

No. Participants should take care for their own travel expenses to and from Chania, Greece, as well as for private local transportation.

Please remember that scholarships are not "free" money!

T.I.C.L.S. partial financial assistance is available to support eligible participants, but can only cover the tuition cost. The application form can be found in the Application Platform (

We advise prospective participants to be active, engage in fund raising, research local sponsors, NGOs, community associations.

T.I.C.L.S. also offers grant opportunities through the special projects advertised, such as the #TICLSvideo contest or the 5G Internship
Eligible participants will be selected on excellence reference and economic criteria.

You have the option to either pay by Paypal (with an account, or credit card) or by bank deposit to the TICLS bank account. All related information is on the website.

You can pay only in Euros.

Yes, there is such an option. For further details, feel free to contact us at

Apart from the funds that are available to ILA directly, there are many additional sources of funding that differ from country to country. You should explore possibilities with your University, Foundations, businesses or / and Embassies that could cover part of the expenses.

Check out also the T.I.C.L.S. special projects.

Assuming you have been definitively accepted to the program, ILA and The International Center for Leading Studies can help you with letters of support or even try to suggest possible sources. You may contact us at In any case, if you are admitted to the Academy and are having difficulties finding additional support or are unable to pay your program fees, you are encouraged to contact the Academy's staff.


To arrive at Chania, participants can either fly, directly to Chania Airport or through the Athens International Airport, or arrive to Athens by car, train, bus. From Athens, you can choose between flying to Chania Airport or use a ship / ferry boat to the Souda Port (the port for Chania).

The code for the Athens International Airport is ATH. The code for Chania Airport is CHQ.

Yes, but it is not recommended. The distance between two cities takes about 2,5 hours (150 kilometers) by bus or taxi from the center of the city.

We recommend arrival the day before the program starts and departure the day after it ends. However, if you have problems with available flights from your country please contact us to find the best solution.
If you wish to arrive before or depart after these dates and want to stay at MAICH, the price per night is 52 Euros, and it is not covered by the program. If you do not notify us before June 3rd, it might not be possible to reserve a room for you, as there might be no room availability.

The procedures for entering Greece and a detailed list of countries that require visas can be found here. In case you need a visa, you should contact your regional Greek embassy or consulate for visa regulations as soon as possible. An official letter of invitation will be sent to all students needing a visa. You will need this letter to obtain a visa or any other entry documents.

Participants stay at the dormitory complex of MAICh. Specially designed rooms for the disabled are available. You will be assigned by the organizers to a double room, with a fellow participant from another country. Each room is equipped with private bathroom, air conditioning, two single beds, study area and Internet access. Towels and bed linen are provided. Since shared rooming contributes to desired outcome, NO change to room assignment is accepted unless approved by the Dean.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided every day, unless scheduled otherwise. Meals are self-served at the main restaurant of the dorm building.

Ramadan fast can be observed if desired, as long as you notify us.

For anyone following a special diet (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.), you must contact us via email upon registration.
Please note that, the food at MAICh, under the renowned chef Mr. Y. Apostolakis, is focused on the traditional Mediterranean, and more specifically the Cretan diet, based on locally grown organic vegetables and extra virgin olive oil.

During everyday classes, and evening outings, you may dress casually. However, keep in mind that you need to bring business attire, as there will be some special events, including Graduation ceremony. For the Cultural Presentations Evening, you may want to bring traditional music, dress or other props for the show.

Special attention is drawn on quality leisure time, by organizing night owl discussions, cultural trips and visits in order to explore the local history and culture. What is more, thanks to the Cultural Presentations Evening, participants will be enabled to exchange their cultures and information about their countries.

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) offers advantages to students traveling. ISIC holders can receive travel related benefits and services throughout the world, including health insurance. For more information, contact your local ISIC website.

During July and August, the weather is sunny and hot, temperature can reach 38 degrees and even more during the day. You can get the Chania Weather Forecast here. Most of the inside areas are air conditioned, especially classrooms, which can be evn chilly!

Yes, but only as long as he/she applies as a participant (follows the application procedure) and is also accepted. Keep in mind though that this case will not be considered for the room assignment. You will be assigned to different rooms with no option to change. Additionally, you will be both expected to be involved and contribute in all activities of the program.

As a rule, to encourage interaction, only double rooms are available for participants. Should there be a special request / reason for a single room please contact us.


Yes. It is strongly advised however to bring along an adequate supply of the medication you are using and the prescription for it with its generic name, since the commercial brand could be different. If you a have chronic medical condition including allergies, the coordinators and staff, should be informed in due time, to take adequate measures for your safety and health.

No, we do not carry insurance policies. Each participant will have to have proof of their medical and other coverage.

We have the happy coincidence of having the Dean of the Academy who is an experienced Medical Doctor trained for Emergencies on site. In case need for hospitalization arises, the national health system facilities (Chania General Hospital “St. George”) provide adequate high level care.

Yes, it is absolutely safe! The media usually overemphasize minor incidents. The organizers –as parents themselves- are fully committed to ensure the safety of the participants, from every aspect.
The organizers are not only from the country but well informed and connected to know when and what is safe. One of their major concerns is the safety of their programs’ participants, so they are taking all necessary precautions at all times.
The island of Crete is one of the safest places in the Mediterranean, and one of the high tourist destinations. In any case, problems usually arise in the center of Athens only.
Simply follow the advice of the Academy staff and do not risk. This includes your transfer through Athens.

In case you still have questions, please contact us