17 July to 6 August 2018 in three separate modules

Choose a one week module to all three, for an unforgettable learning experience, and earn University credit at the same time! Do not miss it this summer!

Study at a legendary Greek island this summer,

where “dialogue” was invented, and the sea is warm!

Receive a Certificate & Academic credit hours

Develop a global mindset            Learn & Network with the Best               Experience “Leadership in practice”

Program Highlights

  1. Learn with an International prestigious Faculty from Universities in Europe and the U.S.
  2. Interact with a select multicultural group of participants from around the world
  3. Innovative education based on dialogue and simulations, encompassing the intertwined subjects of international affairs, security, political economy, governance and leadership, as skills required by contemporary businesses
  4. Immerse in the culture of Crete and Greece, and experience the life not illustrated in the media
  5. Earn a Certificate and ECTS credits (Political Science, Global Studies, International Affairs and more electives upon prior arrangement with your Institution)
  6. Learn and Interact with renowned Diplomats, Politicians, Economists, Educators and Military Experts, regional Administrators and the Governor at the Chania Med Forum as the “Leadership in Practice” module
  7. Visit exclusive military installations that are important in international geopolitics, and installations not accessible to the public such as the Mediterranean Plant Conservation Unit with the seed bank that preserves accessions of wild, endemic and threatened plants of the Mediterranean, learn about olive oil and the project LIFE Oliveclima,
  8. Enjoy Mediterranean diet meals inscribed in UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, prepared by a famous chef and learn the simple secrets of cooking yourself
  9. Learn about the Minoans at the World Heritage Historic Site of the Knossos palace and the world famous archaeological museum at Heraklion, see the 17th century Etz Hayyim Synagogue restored by  The World Monuments Fund,  walk around the Venetian Harbour and the narrow 14th century streets with remnants of the Minoan city of Chania, talk about religions at old monasteries, see Gutenberg’s press
  10. Have fun at world acclaimed beaches like the Elafonissi Nature Reserve, gorges, live a vibrant night life

Two optional events (additional fees apply):

  • Leadership visit in Athens: July 12-16, 2018 to include the Hellenic Parliament, the Presidency and more
  • Santorini, July 22, 2018

Alumni Testimonies

We feel rewarded at what our Alumni have been saying over the years, and we encourage the sustained connection of our network
  • After being given this mixture of opinion and impressions, I have discovered that there is no black and white, good and bad. I decided I must never again bring conclusions from one side, and that I will always put myself into shoes of a person standing in front of me!
    Visnja Cvetic - Serbia
  • It was great to have the former Egyptian Ambassador Dr. Shahin, Mr. Pilotto, Mr. Batakovic, Mr. Repasi and all the professors of TIAAS and the Forum. I also never expected to find students in Maich from Tunisia, Syria and Egypt, as well as Egyptians in Chania center!
    Noha Etiba - Egypt
  • Not only will you gain a deeper knowledge of the subject matter but you will enjoy yourself in an incredible location surrounded by beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches and dramatic mountains.
    Sammy Rolls - United Kingdom
  • It provides a golden opportunity to build a strong friendship between participants.
    Mohammed Edris Ali - Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • I feel inspired of this international summer school, glad about the organization of the TIAAS 2013 program. Happy because I met a lot of new friends and especially, thankful to all of you, because I learned something new. Always I say: Every new day is a new experience.
    Vlad Grujeski - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • These two weeks were full of new experience, starting from my roommate who was from “distant” Asia (Iraq), to meeting new cultures, views, and also, learning about the world wide geo-political situations, which were interpreted by the one of the biggest experts in International Relations, History, Economics and Law.
    Damjan Jugovic - Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • I would be more than happy to join next year as an alumni and even help instructing since many of the topics covered (such as oil and gas) are part of my expertise.
    Rand Khalid - Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • This experience will forever remain in my heart as well as Crete. It's nice to know that besides your own home there is still a place in this world where you'll feel like you are at your own house. I hope that this gathering was just first in a row of many, and until then TICKLS your brain!!!
    Mijat Barjaktarevic - Serbia