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Expand your education THIS SUMMER, on a top Mediterranean island!

Geopolitics, Governance, Human Security, Leadership, Culture, Networking and so much more...!

16 July - 3 August
More Leaders For Our Future
Leaders For Our Future

Promising High school students, 15-18 years old, build skills needed to compete in today's global, knowledge-driven world, during this innovative summer International Educational Program, based on non-formal education processes.

Different from ordinary pre-University programs and traditional "hard" skills, it offers the social, practical and academic foundation for multicultural communication, leadership and international governance collaboration skills, as they prepare to succeed in college and beyond.

Field trips to major sites, swimming in the warm sea, and cultural evenings add to the busy schedule!

LFOF high school students discover a new world reality, career path options and acquire the motivating and diverse qualities to set them apart when ready for College. Apply online


17 July-6 August
More Interdisciplinary Leadership
Interdisciplinary Leadership Academy

ILA is an innovative international summer program, designed by professionals who have realized that success goes beyond conventional academic and technical formal education, for motivated university students interested to learn how the world works.

Leadership and cross cultural soft skills development, up-to-date insights on Economy, Geopolitics, Law, Public Diplomacy, International Relations, and more, are discussed with an international choice Faculty.

A unique combination of intercultural dialogue education and enjoyment in Greece, at beautiful Chania, on the island of Crete, that offers a wide range of exciting out of class activities, from exploring the treasures at ancient Knossos to enjoying the splendors of one of the most sought Mediterranean summer destinations.

If you are a University student or recently graduated, this is YOUR program! Apply online

27 - 30 July
More Chania Med-Forum
Chania - Med Forum


The annual Chania Med Forum on "Economy, Energy, Politics and Power" opens windows to today’s global governance, its problems and solutions, focusing on the present-day developments of the interrelated fields of politics, geopolitics, energy resources, political economy, conflicts, the role of international organizations, and more issues affecting national & international relations, human security for citizens and societies and, ultimately, how the consequences of the quest for Power affects our everyday lives.

The location offers a wide range of exciting activities from exploring the treasures at ancient Knossos to enjoying the splendors of one of the most sought Mediterranean summer destinations.

The ideal setting for leaders, decision-makers and "on the ground" individuals to combine insightful discussions, networking and vacation time! Apply online

23 – 30 July
More Interdisciplinary Faculty
Interdisciplinary Symposium

Executive Academy / Teach the Teachers

Motivated Academics and Junior Faculty of all disciplines, with an interest on interdisciplinary education beyond the formal format, are invited to present and discuss research on interdisciplinary education, practice teaching methods in an interactive multicultural diverse group of students, build leadership and soft skills competencies for personal and professional progress, acquire insight on the contemporary global issues related to economy and geopolitics, and, moreover, enjoy the Greek summer on a top destination island between the Aegean and the Libyan sea.

Young Faculty member? Need to enrich your C.V.? More international teaching experience? Need combining work and vacation time? I.F.S. is designed for you! Apply online

16 - 31 May
More Live Long, Eat Cretan
Live Long, Eat Cretan

Taste Life through food and culture!

culinary immersion for proactive health and everlasting philosophy at Chania, Crete

The Mediterranean diet, and even more particularly the Cretan diet, has been on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2013.

Learn about the unrivaled benefits of olive oil and its uses.

Experience the creation of traditional Cretan dishes, as taught from a famous Cretan gastronomy chef, taste the excellent produce of the local wineries and cheese makers, and enjoy the marvels of history and nature on the island of Crete.

Whether you are interested in simple gourmet cooking, nutrition for health, or just want to have a meaningful vacation time, this is the program for you! Apply online


The topics and the structure as developed by the T.I.C.L.S. real life experienced international team!


Combining Knowledge of various disciplines is essential in our global world, whether exercising a profession, comprehending the media or evaluating your dietary habits. Interdisciplinary learning generates the ability to make educated decisions and shape collective values and character, for a successful and fulfilled life.


The international team of participants and faculty, the multicultural setting of the Mediterranean region between three continents, the unique synthesis of topics, all stimulate an interactive exchange of experiences and perspectives, enriching education, personal development, communication, flexibility and adaptability skills.


The intellectual journey, dialogue, and fun, all at a top resort Greek island lead to a unique educational combination. The non-formal curriculum on present-day issues, the inter-cultural immersion, and Leadership evolvement focusing on soft skills development, present an original experience beyond conventional programs.


A powerful tool in our globalized world, that TICLS encourages and sustains! Renowned personalities invited, the Alumni network, TICLS Associate Institutions and other diverse networks in over 40 countries, offer unique networking possibilities for personal or professional opportunities, in all fields and for all age groups.


Distinguished personalities have experienced and evaluated the work done...

Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic

President of the Republic of Croatia 2015-today

NATO Ass. Secretary General 2011-2014

“…the program is a vivid reminder of why we believe strongly in promoting youth educational events in the field of international relations. Young people in all nations need to become active citizens. Their voices need to be heard and they need to have a say in their future… We would like to do our best to continue supporting your programs in the future. We would also like to count on you to promote this program among your friends, colleagues and co-workers so we can forge a truly international network of engaged future leaders…”
“...This kind of initiative brings together young people in a noble competition of spirit... and provides them with the opportunity to forge bonds...”

Konstantinos Stephanopoulos

President of the Hellenic Republic 1995-2005

Daniel B. Smith

Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research 2014-present

U.S.A. Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic 2010-2013

“….. I was very pleased to learn about this worthwhile educational initiative that promotes interdisciplinary academic dialogue, while inspiring student leadership. Students from diverse backgrounds will benefit significantly from the new educational platform that the Greek Association for Atlantic and European Cooperation is currently launching…”
"...Four years ago I got a chance to experience the pros and cons of working in the international environment and to see non-formal educational programs from the both sides – as a student and as one of the coordinators. Such experience made me to reshape the paradigms I had about the education, and to throw myself out of any comfort zone possible. All the experience I have gained playing in the international sand box for a couple of years has made me to think about the purpose of the non-formal education and why everyone should expose himself/ herself to it in more challenging and diverse ways..."

Lelde Mencendorfa

N-Res. Fellow of GAAEC/TICLS, Latvia