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20th Anniversary

The International Center for Leading Studies, the new platform for all educational programs of the Greek Association for Atlantic and...

TICLS Newsletter

Download from the following link the newsletter of TICLS, to stay informed about our educational activities! Link

TIAAS 2014 Video

Some wonderfull moments of TIAAS 2014 in the following video. Link Check it out...

TIAAS 2014 Report

The 2nd International Academy for Advanced Studies, was held in July - August 2014, at the campus of the Mediterranean...

2015 Dates Announced

The Dates for 2015 have been announced.

2014 Chania Med - Forum

The 2014 Chania Med - Forum by T.I.C.L.S. will take place in Maich 24-27 July. Official website:

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