The International Center for Leading Studies, true to its mission, tries to stay ahead in today’s world through innovation in all sectors. Our innovative 5G Internship* program launched in 2016 to offer opportunities to students and young professionals, as another T.I.C.L.S. program. Today -due to COVID-19- our remote / virtual program is more relevant than ever.

Paideia & T.I.C.L.S.

What is Paideia and how it is related to contemporary education? A question we have had for a forgotten concept. <strong>Paideia is active learning</strong> —fostering critical and creative thinking through Socratic dialectics, intellectual coaching, and expert information. <strong>Paideia is high quality education for all</strong> —preparing individuals, of all backgrounds, to live up to their potential.

Times are changing and we must adapt! Whether good or bad, globalization is here and the challenges for success in both our personal and professional lives have become greater. TICLS stays ahead offering knowledge and skills from successful professionals to lay the foundation of a successful development for the younger generation and the olders who

MAKING SENSE OF THE NEW GLOBAL DISORDER A new format is introduced this year for the I.L.A. offering more options to prospective participants! The curriculum is divided in three entities / modules that can be taken separately or together.  module I     16 – 22 July The new Security Agenda

A new program announced! The Board of T.I.C.L.S. assessing the past reports and participants’ evaluations, announces for this summer the INTERDISCIPLINARY SECURITY SEMINAR to precede the CHANIA MED-FORUM, presenting them as a unity, 24 July – 1 August 2016. Participants will be introduced to the background of the issues to be discussed at the Forum

TICLS essay contest

Write a compelling essay, describing why you should be the recipient of this scholarship Essay Title: My “Pay it forward” Plan ~ How I shall demonstrate initiative in forwarding on to others, the gift, from which I shall benefit this summer.

TICLS Video Contest

Win a scholarship this summer! Imagine it is 2020. Not so far away! Will, and how, our daily lives be different? Is education of the next generation suitable? Is there something more needed? What if it was up to you? How could you contribute? Do you feel like a Leader? Can you influence others? Show

Thank you for including us in the 3rd Chania-Med Forum on Economy, Energy, Politics & Power that took place in Crete this past July 23-26. We appreciate the opportunity you have provided over the past twenty years in the International Center for Leading Studies to so many students who will become specialists and to mature

It was our great pleasure and honor to participate as faculty members in the 2015 International Center for Leading Studies (TICLS) program, held annually at the MAICh (Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania) in Crete, Greece. We also participated in the concurrent programs: the Med Forum on “Economics, Energy, Politics & Power” and the 20th Year

More Opportunities – 5G Internships

The International Center for Leading Studies, true to its mission, tries to stay ahead in today’s world through innovation in all sectors. We are proud to launch our new innovative 5G Internship* program designed to offer students a means of reducing their tuition, through scholarships on upcoming T.I.C.L.S. programs. Interested Students are invited to apply