Participants are expected to arrive on the date announced in the program (arrival date) and register.

Registration takes place at the lobby of  The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICh) dormitory building. The address is:

Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania
Alsyllio Agrokepio, 1 Makedonias str
73100, Chania - Crete - Greece

Signs placed at the entrance and around the campus will direct you.


There will be two participants assigned to each dorm room. The rooms have 2 single beds, a study area, central air condition and a private bathroom. Towels and bed linens are provided, and there is maid service at least twice a week. There are also laundry facilities on campus. The organizers will assign your roommates. In order to promote cross-cultural exchange, roommates will be assigned so that students from the same country are not rooming together.


  1. Luxurious traditional stonehouses in the campus can host a limited number of participants. Most stone houses have two levels, with a double bed in the upper level and the living room with a sofa bed (opening to two single beds) in the lower level. There is a study area, a kitchenette and the bathroom. All have a private porch overlooking the botanical garden.
  2. "Attic-rooms" in the dormitory building are also available. The attic is a two level room with a double mattress in the upper level and a single bed, refrigerator and T. V. in the lower level, A/C, private facilities and a balcony.
Keys: MAICh uses an electronic key system at the dormitory building. Every participant will be issued an electronic smart card at registration, which they can use to open their dorm room and must be returned at the end of the Academy. If this key is lost you will be charged a fee for replacement.
Mail Delivery: Because of the short duration of the programs and inconsistency of international mailing, we do not recommend receiving regular postal mail. However, participants expecting mail should check with the TICLS Secretariat for arrangements.
Internet Access: The campus has wireless internet access. There is also a LAN cable connection available.
Security: Chania - as well as the entire country of Greece - is a very safe place to visit. The neighborhoods that exist in Chania are all relatively safe and should not be feared. However, it is always necessary to remain smart and not leave valuable items on display, and not walk around with a wallet in the back pocket of jeans.

The MAICh campus is also safe, and equipped with all security devices, including cameras and alarms. However, participants must take appropriate care of money and personal valuables, and appropriate attention to who enters and leaves the room. All rooms have closets that are suitable for clothing and luggage, but their locking devices tend to be unreliable for valuables. If you have any concerns regarding the storage of any money or valuables, contact the Program's Assistant who will be working as a liaison with the MAICh staff.

Laundry: There are coin operated washing / drying machines on campus. Coins can be provided by