Personal: Born in Skopje, on 31.07.1952.
Parents : Gligor and Stana Ruzin
Civil status : married with Danica Ruzin, diplomat,
Father of 2 children: Aleksandar (26) and Marko (18)
Nationality : Macedonian
Academic background : Primary and secondary school in Skopje
BA Degree in Political Sciences, University of Belgrade, 1975
Post Graduated studies Political Sciences, MA, University Of Zagreb, 1982
PHD at University of Law, Skopje,1986
Research studies: 1979-80, Sorbonne, Paris I, Pantheon
1980-83, Institut de Sciences Politiques, Paris
Professional experience: 1976-78, Municipality of Skopje
1984-87, NGO of War Veterans
1988-2001, Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, Institute for Social Work and Social Policy
2001-2008, Ambassador to NATO
2008: Professor at the Faculty of Skopje, ISW and SP
2009: Dean of Political Sciences, FON University, Skopje
2008 :Visiting Professor, UNECPD University of Peace of United Nations (Belgrade-Pristina-Zagreb-Skopje) and
Member of board of edition-European Journal –ECPD
Elected functions: 1994-98, Member of Parliament
1995-98, MP at NATO Parliamentary Assembly
1998-2001, MP at Macedonian Parliament
NGO’s: Founder of the “Euro-Atlantic Club of Macedonia”, 1991
JEF, “European Movement of Macedonia”
“Macedonian Center for International Cooperation”
Special Honors: Elected Ambassador of the year 2007 by the Belgian MFA
And the “Diplomatic News Review”
Member of IFRI, France
Ambassador of Peace – UPF 2012 Déc. UNESCO
2012 -Chevalier de Legion d’Honneur –Decoration from French President Sarkozy
Publications: “Social Service, new formulas and structures in Western Europe
“Social Policy” 1994, Radio Skopje, 1994
“Contemporary Systems of Social Protection”,1995, Skopje, p.196
“European Idea, from utopia to reality”, Skopje, Studentski Zbor, 1996, p.242
“Glossary of Social Protection Terms” - Consensus Project, ZZ-9710-0028 by EPOS,
“Dictionary of Social Protection Terms”
“Contemporary Social Democracy”, Skopje,m Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 1999
“European Social Law”,Skopje, Fridrich Ebert Foundation, 2001, p.510
“Social Policy”, Skopje, 2004
“Contemporary Systems of Social Protection”, Skopje, Faculty of Philosophy, 2006, p.202
“NATO, Macedonia and other challenges”, Skopje, 2006, Friedrich Ebert Foundation
“NATO in the contemporary international relations” Skopje: Friedrich Ebert Foundation,2010 , 366p
-“European idea and Balkans Iconography”-ed. Ministry of culture of RM-2012More than 400 texts published in different reviews and newspapers in local and international press (Liberation, Confluence, La Revue de l’ OTAN, Atlantic News, Forum, Dnevnik, Utrinski Vesnik, Nova Makedonija..)
Foreign languages: French, English, Serbian, Bulgarian
Sports: Handball (1968-1990), tennis, jogging