Dr. Sorogas is Professor (ret.) of Communication at the National University of Athens. He earned B.A in Television Production at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois and a M.A. in Cinematography at the same school. He earned a second M.A. at Northeastern Illinois University in Oral Communication. He received his PhD at the University of Athens in Communication.

His professional achievements are many and varied. In 1978 he was Television-Director Finalist for the EMY Award in Chicago. He has also served as professor for the School of National Public Administration (Press Attaches and Commercial Attaches) and for the School of National Public Security of Greece.

He has authored books and articles on Communication.

He is President of the Greek Alumni of American Universities Association, Vice-President of the Skironio Museum of Sculpture, Treasurer of the National Film Archives of Greece and a member of the Board of Directors of the National Historical Museum of Greece.