Special Events / Leadership in Practice

As an ILA distinguished participant you will be offered exclusive opportunities to attend high level special events as the "Leadership In Practice" component.

Chania - Med Forum

ILA participants are given the opportunity to participate at the Chania - Med Forum, a high profile event to discuss insights on the imminent future of economic and geopolitical state of the international community.

Guest lectures

Prominent leaders / professors are occasionally invited during the Academy to deliver special lectures, and share their expertise with the participants.

VIP official visits

Participants may be invited to officially visit the Municipal authorities of the region, the NATO Missile Firing Installation of Souda, and / or the Hellenic Naval Base, hosted by high level officials.

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities & unique excursions are also an important part of the program!

Country Presentations Dinner

The Country/Cultural Presentations Dinner is a fun and highly anticipated open event. Participants showcase their countries' traditions, contemporary culture, and more, through acting, singing and dancing, to share with their fellow classmates their country’s culture, history and social life. You may wish to bring native costumes, musical instruments, etc. with you to Crete for use during your country presentation. The event is held at the open air restaurant at MAICh, in a relaxed setting and is followed by a traditional Cretan dinner/feast. Prominent guests and the press are usually invited.

Fun around

Chania is an incredible location at the Mediterranean. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches and dramatic mountains, it is the perfect location to combine culture, education and all the fun of a famous Greek summer resort! Participants will enjoy the area, swim in the warm sea and have fun at the Venetian post of Chania or famous night clubs of Platanias. The famous Samaria Gorge, the Elafonissi and Falassarna beaches, voted among the 100 best beaches of the world, are among the attractions that should be visited.

Field trips around Chania

The field trips include the tombs of the Venizelos family, situated on the hill of Akrotiri, the historical village of Therisso beyond the synonym gorge, home of the Headquarters of the Cretan revolution, to have a Cretan traditional meal at the "Rebel's", the oldest olive tree of the world is still standing at the village of Vouves, and the Monastery of Gonia, or the "Lady of the Angels Monastery of Gonia", is located in Kolymbari, not far from a winery for a taste of the excellent local wines.

Knossos & Heraklion

Participants tour of the archaeological site of the ancient Minoan Civilization, Knossos, with its famous palace of King Minos, son of Europa and Zeus, home of the Minotaur’s Labyrinth, at Heraklion, the city under the longest seize in history, and the burial place of Kazantzakis at the Venetian fortress.

Night owl discussions

The night owl discussions at the open air amphitheater, after dinner, provide the opportunity of emotional debates on a variety of issues either raised from classes or from life itself, under the moon and the stars of the clear Cretan sky. All participants and Faculty relax and enjoy a dialogue with dignity, respect and empathy!

Full moon night

On the full moon night an early evening outing to the beach for swimming is usually organized followed by dinner at a local tavern.

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