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Welcome to The International Center for Leading Studies, an out-of-the-box dynamic Institution of a network of accomplished Academicians from diverse fields that share the passion of conveying their mature experience to the benefit of the next generations and societies. "In youth we learn; in age we understand" has been written. This is the motivation that led us to create T.I.C.L.S.

Over the years we have seen many young people with bright University studies, accumulating degrees over degrees in their quest for employment, or hoping to capitalize on the stretch of time while searching for a job. We believe that the investment in education should repay in earnings, or, in other words, ensure employment prospects to support a living. We have also seen many competent professionals under-noted, because they did not comprehend the networking asset or the geopolitical impacts on mobility in today’s globally intertwined societies and businesses.

Education is being redefined, in a much broader definition than it has had in the past, as documented in a number of accredited recent publications. It increasingly means having the attitudes and behaviors that enable one to adapt quickly to changing requirements, whether calling them soft skills or emotional intelligence.

The complexity of the world we live in needs a complexity of approaches and perspectives. Interdisciplinarity, intercultural communication and the Four C’s — creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking —are the transformative soft skills necessary for innovation for any academic, professional, or civic organization and for personal development. Knowledge of Negotiation, diplomacy, economic development, International relations and geopolitics, will add up on the potential of any perceptive person to become a "leader". Networking is actively sustained also, through our broad involvement in a variety of projects worldwide, with our Alumni preferred.

T.I.C.LS. creates programs that complement formal education. They focus on the latest trends reported in the fast-paced and dynamic world around us, of the dozens of ways changing landscape, politically, socially, economically. Continuous research, documentation and evaluation leads to annual revision and adaptation of the modules offered to be always unique.

The International Center for Leading Studies aspires to become the exemplary Center to provide the "education" in its primal meaning, to enhance the Leadership potential of the participating individuals in the ancient Greek concept of a complete personality, Paideia.

Try to Think out of the box when choosing a course and go beyond classic products. Come to one of our summer programs this year.

  • Take control of your life, career and network,
  • travel,
  • build your skills & experiences, and
  • meet internationally minded professionals like you from around the world.

We urge you to explore all our programs and read the testimonials we have had. Dedicated personal involvement makes the difference!

We are always open to suggestions that could take our programs one step forward, to another level of education, in a project designed not for you, but with you. We need programs that can nurture an intelligent community, whether global or local.

I hope you will take the opportunity and join the broad network of T.I.C.L.S. “family”!

Dr. Aliki Mitsakos, M.D., Ph.D.
Dean, Co-founder TICLS