Subjects & Methods of Learning

Have you ever wondered what the International Community is, or civil society, or the "soft skills" mentioned in business journals as hiring requirements? Why or how would these terms have anything to do with you?

Knowledge can be fun if delivered as such! And knowledge is definitely "empowerment". Having friends in a lot of countries is called networking, and it comes in handy on many occasions. Living and learning in Greece will offer you the spirit for personal discovery, growth and cross-cultural sensitivity.

Guided courses and simulation games make all this "knowledge" fun to conquer! At the same time, you will have the opportunity to interact with peers from other countries, learn about their culture, and make new friends.

Methods of learning

This program has nothing to do with the formal teaching approach. It has been created on “non-formal learning” techniques and on continuous feedback between participants and instructors. Therefore, the needs and interests of participants lead the process.

The program design encompasses a series of activities intended to promote personal development, broaden perceptions and perspectives on the global setting, challenge conceptions and enhance broader leadership qualities, recognized indispensable in today’s complex world.

During the 18 days’ program, the young potential leaders are exposed to subjects not usually imparted elsewhere. Dialogue, simulation games and interactive learning on leadership, conflict management, microeconomics and trade, the environment, media practices, International Organizations and the role of civil society, are the tools used to spark off the inherent possibilities of youth and expose them to decision making capabilities.

All courses are interactive and creative. Workshops, simulations and lively debates impel a broader understanding and personal involvement.

The historical heritage of represented countries and the cultural Country presentations promote the intercultural dialogue and empathy, a skill appreciated in today’s global communities.

Communication skills are enhanced, including these of the English language. Introduction to the importance of networking is an important added value.

The program, successfully implemented since 2004 under the trademark "Kernels of our Future" and rebranded to LFOF, features an international Network of Alumni leaders.

The indicative schedule is here.


Non formal learning - is the learning that takes place outside of specific areas of obligatory learning, e.g. schools, and is a result of activities, needs and interests of a person. The activities and courses are planned, but are not structured by conventional rhythms or curriculum subjects.

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