Your Gift Makes a Difference

Your gift of any amount makes a difference for our TICLS international and national community.

Each donation, of even 10 euros, will add up to scholarships for worthy motivated students from around the world! The International Academy for Advanced Studies and the Leaders For Our Future can build the foundation for a stronger intuitive generation of compassionate Leaders.

Every gift truly counts—no matter the size. Generous support from a community of donors ensures that the programs offered by TICLS can continue to prepare students from around the world to have a meaningful impact not only in their chosen fields but far beyond in their communities and further in the world given today’s mobility.

By providing student scholarships for The International Center for Advanced Studies, you will be helping to conserve and continue almost two decades of work already accomplished in the area of international education, cultural exchange and education diplomacy. Put otherwise, you will join a distinguished faculty and international management team dedicated to providing a brighter future for the rising generations.

Our Giving Initiatives

We focus on three fundraising priorities: scholarships, faculty support, and the annual fund

Donor Recognition

Thank you for all you do for our programs & alumni!

Your contribution will be acknowledged at all times in writing by the Dean and your name or company will be included in the Donor roll. Depending on choice and impact, more options are available.

  • Donor Roll published on websites
  • Scholarship Recipient testimonial
  • Reference in national and international press releases
  • Invitation to our country presentation and our official graduation dinner of the program
  • Name or logo printed on flyers and banners advertising the event, during and after the event, put up at education exhibitions, fairs, and all the events we participate in
  • Invitation to participate in the Board